Todd: They told me it was OK to be weird

Todd: They told me it was OK to be weird

My promise to you is that I will try wild things. Some will work and some will fail, but I have heard Sherm and K-Man say “no idea is a bad idea” too many times not to hold them to their word.

Todd Lisenbee

By Todd Lisenbee

| Sep 14, 2023, 3:30pm CDT

Todd Lisenbee

By Todd Lisenbee

Sep 14, 2023, 3:30pm CDT

They told me that it was OK to be weird

Since the day that I agreed to join the crew of legends at Sellout Crowd, my mind has been buzzing with ideas to engage you more as a consumer. For the first time in my adult life, I’ve had someone tell me that even though my ideas seem crazy to them, that they will try to make them happen.

My promise to you is that I will try wild things. Some will work and some will fail, but I have heard Sherm (aka Mike Sherman, Sellout Crowd content director) and K-Man (aka Sellout Crowd’s founder) say “no idea is a bad idea” too many times not to hold them to their word. 

In that spirit, here’s a list of ideas I have for shows including me and/or some of my other cohorts at

“Imitation Hamm” — We trick three people into thinking they’re meeting the real Jon Hamm, but our Jon Hamm pops out instead. After the people get over the initial disappointment of not meeting the real Jon Hamm, we play the Uno reverse card on them and tell them they have a chance to win $1,000 by answering three questions about the new NBA collective bargaining agreement.

“Berry vs. Barry” — In a tip of the cap to the old summer hit “Battle of the Network Stars,” our very own Berry Tramel goes head-to-head with Barry Williams, the actor that played Greg Brady in “The Brady Bunch,” in athletic competitions to determine once and for all who is the superior athlete.

“Ed Murray vs. Eddie Murray” — Same concept, but Sellout Crowd’s Ed Murray will compete against former Orioles slugger Eddie Murray. We can probably save some money and film this one the same day as “Berry vs. Barry,” or maybe repackage the show as “Berry & Ed vs. Barry & Eddie.”

“Bald Dominant” — Guerin Emig and I are joined by Pep Guardiola, the legendary manager of Manchester City to team up together and make fun of Eli Lederman’s hair and his love for Tottenham Hotspur. We will be joined by guest hosts from time to time, including a college basketball coach or two (you know who you are).

“Jenni, Garth & Jennie Garth” — Jenni Carlson, Garth Brooks and Jennie Garth, the actress that played Kelly Taylor on “90210,” compete for cash and prizes in a trivia competition. There’s a great chance for a crossover episode where we tell all three of them that they’re going to get an opportunity to meet Jon Hamm.

“Duh! Twinning!” — Charlie Sheen comes to Stillwater and spends a day with the Hutchens twins, working with them on the OSU beat. Sheen will ask questions to Mike Gundy and try to interview Alan Bowman. Every time someone makes a reference about not being able to tell Ben and Sam apart, Charlie will scream, “Duh! Twinning!”

“Sam Mayes’ Horror Maze” — We shoot Sam Mayes with a tranquilizer dart (it’ll only sting a little), and then place him inside of a corn maze, except when Sam hits a dead end, he’ll be forced to watch a play where Oklahoma State’s offensive line missed an assignment or a video clip of Mike Gundy saying that he hasn’t decided who the starting quarterback is yet. Maybe we equip him with one of those camera get-ups like they used to have on MTV’s “Fear.”

Break a Sweat with Jon & Brett” — Jon Hamm and Brett Dawson conduct a rewatch and break down a random Thunder regular season game from a past year while also leading an aerobic workout. I was going to call this one “Sweating to the Oldies,” but that was already taken.

“Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd and Mel” — I’m joined by co-hosts Todd Heap, Todd Blackledge, Todd Monken, Todd Gurley and Mel Kiper as we discuss the latest football news. Kiper serves as the mediator, and when things get tense, he just yells our names loudly to get us to calm down.

In the words of Col. Frank Slade, “I’m just gettin’ warmed up.”

So is Sellout Crowd. We’re glad you’re along for the ride.

Now, let’s get weird.

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Todd Lisenbee is the host of The Todd Pod with Todd Lisenbee on the Sellout Crowd network. He has been a producer/talk show host at WWLS, The Sports Animal and 107.7 The Franchise during a Oklahoma broadcasting career that spans to 2002. Todd has broadcast high school basketball, football and soccer play-by-play since 2003 and is currently the voice of the UCO Bronchos, a role he has been in since 2018. He can be reached at @ToddOnSports on Twitter/X or Instagram or via email at [email protected].

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